Rainbow Flirty Braidy Women’s Sandals


The Rainbow® Sandals Flirty Braidy is a single-layer midsole with arch support, which sits on a non-slip Rainbow® bottom.

The premier leather top is made from the highest quality nubuck leather and is embossed with the Rainbow® logo.

The 1/2″ narrow strap has an asymmetrical design featuring a braid on the outside straps and top stitched leather trim on the inside straps. The toe piece uses the V-style construction and is wrapped with soft leather for comfort. The right sandal proudly displays the Original Rainbow® woven label.

The straps are double stitched using bonded nylon thread for durability. The non-slip Rainbow® bottom finishes it off.

The Flirty Braidy continues to be the hottest ladies’ style in the line.

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